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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Peacekeeping Wars

Peacekeeping Wars


James Bredin

Distant wars are not decided on battlefields any more,
Its their roadside bombs and terrorist suicide types, that score,
Therefore well have to rethink peacekeeping in those foreign lands,
Not worth soldiers coming home in coffins with military bands.

The UN and NATO should adjust to these modern conditions,
Just tell those terrorist rogue regimes to change politicians,
Our soldiers should not be killed by some fanatic over there,
Just so we can prove that we are an international player.

The UN is going to have another meeting very soon,
No doubt, on some nice quiet peaceful New York sunny afternoon,
About refugees, welfare, global warming and peacekeeping stuff,
We should tell them to shove it because we have done enough.

Opinions of millions of people shaped by watching TV,
Pompous pumped-up left-wing agenda just for you and me,
Talking heads telling us what to think and what we should believe,
People without binding referendums are easy to deceive.

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