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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Our justice system is off the wheels

Our justice system is off the wheels


James Bredin

Our soft-on-crime judge appointees are a complete disgrace,
But few left-wing media outlets will show that this is the case,
And only a few criminal war-crime guys are ever deported,
And most of their stuff is not even known or reported.

Our soft-on-crime judges let them loose from their chains in the dock,
As they demand free and easy bail, they’re allowed to walk,
They say we deserve the politicians and judges we get,
There are no guarantees in life so we may as well forget,

But the criminal was on bail for thirteen other crimes,
And the justice of the peace let him walk one more time,
So their soft-on-crime easy-bail system still today persists,
And no one, absolutely no one is allowed to contradict.

Because criminals have rights to be presumed so innocent,
And Trudeau’s Charter of Rights is still considered magnificent,
As these criminals go out to steal, rob, kill and stab again,
Has the system come off the wheels in their left wing campaign?

The public trained to be as apathetic as slaughter-house sheep,
In gridlock traffic everywhere and told to go back to sleep,
Our goody-two-shoe politicians are going to raise their pay,
And you dear indifferent friend have nothing to say.

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