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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Not mentioned in the obituary columns

Not mentioned in the obituary columns


James Bredin

These days Canada has abortion clinics everywhere here and there,
So why not also have euthanasia clinics if we dare?
And if we can kill unborn babies, why can’t we kill ourselves?
In this dance with the devil or the Supreme Court themselves?

Photos of the recent dead in the obituaries when they were strong,
You never see a picture of a dead fetus and what’s wrong?
Dead aborted babies without names and they get no respect,
Because they’re not wanted and we’re so politically correct.

Young women going off to have abortions don’t seem to mind,
That they are committing homicide which is not very refined.
It is just a dead baby that they call a pregnancy tissue,
And you should keep your nose out of this feminist issue.

And this little abortion homicide cannot be discussed,
The Supreme Court bought it all this without a trace of disgust,
But they themselves can keep their jobs till they’re seventy five,
How many millions of aborted dead babies will not be alive?

But everything is alright because nothing will ever change,
That’s what our media and politicians have arranged,
And they wouldn’t lie because they too are politically correct,
But time, events and numbers will prove them wrong, I suspect.

We should have referendums and recall to influence events,
Not just an election every five years to put in our two cents,
Because those left wing Liberals may come back from the dead,
And the disease of their political appointees may spread.

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