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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - No Canadian Charter Rights to die

No Canadian Charter Rights to die


James Bredin

We have Charter Rights to life but no Charter Rights to die,
We have to wait around to get old and sick and I donít know why,
And unless youíre a fetus, you have these Charter Rights for life,
But if you are a fetus, they can cut you out with a sharp knife.

Weíre allowed to arrange everything in life except how we leave,
We have to wait until we come down with some trauma or disease,
I propose that those in their eighties should be given the chance,
At euthanasia that could circumvent some sick circumstance.

No righteous goody-two-shoe religion if someone wants to go,
Change the Charter to a democratic quid pro quo,
Take this life-and-death issue to the Supreme Court this time,
Tell all the doctors that assisted suicide is not a crime.

If you believe in eternal life, thatís up to you, so keep the faith,
But donít interfere with others who may want this debate,
Because itís just a matter of time and weíll all be dead,
So change the Charter soon and weíll be that much more ahead.

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