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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Mogadishu



James Bredin

What do you say, we stay away from Mogadishu,
Symbol of everything and anything African that’s askew,
Death, demise and destruction plus corpses all around,
Failed state since before the incident of "Blackhawk Down".

But the UN still wants us to go and fix that failed state right now,
Pretend we know what we’re doing and clean up that mess somehow,
A conflict of tribes, warlords, weapons, religion and dictators,
Maybe shake that place up and find all those terrible traitors.

But war, conflict and hatred seems an ongoing affair there,
Nothing but death destruction, AK47s and despair,
Each side convinced that god is on their side and they are right,
And they’re ready to die for their cause any day or night.

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