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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Media Propaganda

Media Propaganda


James Bredin

The media vested interest is side tracked towards you,
They have their own agenda bent inside their programs too,
They may forget the news, hardly noticed in their routine,
But you will read and listen with your eyes glued to the screen.

Inside their news headlines, their propaganda has a slant,
With biased information that they want to promulgate and rant,
Some are right wing, some are left wing, some religiously deep,
We are guided here and there like a flock of sheep.

Send money to the UN or Africa and send it right away,
Wars, tragedies, famines, terror, crimes every day,
Instill fear of whatever terrorist there might be out there,
We are all so vulnerable, therefore we should beware.

Most media is no more than press barons propaganda,
Bend the news and events to fit their private agenda,
Oh no you say; this couldnít happen in this free land,
Think again as we walk in lock step at their command.

Itís the peace process they are liable to be writing about,
In bureaucratic double talk as if they had no doubt,
Waiting at the airport for planes inbound with the dead,
Can we support the soldiers but not the war instead?

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