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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Keep the faith

Keep the faith


James Bredin

Iím almost afraid to say it but I may have lost the faith,
True believers would of course look at me in sinful disgrace,
Though some Protestants and even Mohammedans are inclined,
To also doubt but are afraid and reluctant to be so maligned.

Iíve watched the ministers, imams, pastors and rabbis in their place,
Not to mention many pedophile priests in complete disgrace,
As they pompously preached to the faithful who seldom had a doubt,
Many who believed, would die for the cause, they were so devout.

Is god a Protestant or a Catholic; that god in the sky?
Is he Islam, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Agnostic and why?
Is he a he or a she and whatís his/her name and should I care?
Should I have to pretend theyíre right when someone says a prayer?

And what about those who believe that he/she does not exist?
What about the abortion clinic; how do they fit into this?
What about the United Nations: do they believe in god?
Or are they waiting for a sign, more money or just a nod?

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