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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Is Sharia Law coming our way?

Is Sharia Law coming our way?


James Bredin

The veiled voter denied she was Osama Ben Laden in disguise,
The politically correct all looked at each other in surprise,
And no one said a word because we were all so very nice,
Could Sharia law be self imposed around our necks like a vice?

Irrational reaction is not allowed in a flock of sheep,
No recall, no referendums, no democracy - not a peep,
How an organized left wing minority group could seize power,
In Germany, Russia and China - though they were superpowers.

Dangerous apathy within our society could kill,
Just like those foreign war-crime refugees who are here still,
Canít be deported as they appeal forever in court,
Charter Rights; endless legal-aid lawyers with issues to report.

The writing on the wall has been a long time in sight,
Ladies in burkas, Sharia law and polygamy rights,
Maybe some guys will think that four wives would be great,
And without referendums or recall, there no need for debate.

And people at the UN say we should all be quiet,
As only the Parisian French are allowed to riot,
Do we have the leadership to tell it like it is or should be,
As we bend over backwards, politically correct and plea.

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