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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Illusive Euthanasia

Illusive Euthanasia


James Bredin

Sue Rodrigues had ALS and was going to die a slow death,
Lou Gehrigís disease until she would slowly run out of breath,
The courts would not allow her to be given euthanasia,
This happened in Canada - not the US, Europe or Malaysia.

ALS is degeneration and loss of movement control,
As your body and soul seems to slowly go down in a hole,
And in that hole, you face certain death with no where else to go,
Canít take a short cut even though this death is so sure and slow.

But Sue got euthanasia with someone unknown to assist,
Got what she wanted and faded quickly into the mist,
But most people canít get euthanasia and many die in pain,
After ten days in intensive care but the dead donít vote or complain.

And for sure, each and every one of us is going to die,
And we are not allowed a choice of how this will happen or why,
Doctors say they can control the pain but they are prone to lie,
Euthanasia is out and this may be a painful goodbye.

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