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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Guns in the ghetto

Guns in the ghetto


James Bredin

They built a ghetto and filled it with unwed minority mothers,
But soon handwriting on the wall proclaimed gangs of many brothers,
Baby making mothers who never needed a husband or a job,
Politicians afraid they could cause a problem, a scene or a mob.

But never discuss the issue of all the missing ghetto men,
Some who caused the many sons and daughters while still in the pen,
But this in turn increased the numbers on the welfare checks,
The reason for living, staying and dying in the welfare complex.

Thereís something seriously wrong and no one dare find the fault.
As more ghetto residence get shot or involved in an assault,
And they build more monster ghettos to be politically correct,
Sell their souls for a vote and no one needs to protect.

I feel sad for journalists who cannot say it like it is,
Cannot write about the real cause of gun violence in this biz,
They call the ghetto an enclave or a multicultural scene,
Never mention the fact that fathers are so seldom seen.

Buried now, cemented and walled into their ethnic cultures,
No integration, no melting pot - like well fed caged vultures,
Those who wrote the Charter of Rights thought it would be so great,
They let the ghetto culture enlarge for years and now itís too late.

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