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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Euthanasia on Demand

Euthanasia on Demand


James Bredin

Eventually the day will come when you breathe your last breath,
You will have nothing to look forward to except your death,
Itís worse than that because you may die in a lot of severe pain,
And you canít protest because youíre dead so you canít complain.

But doctors say they can relieve almost all of these aches,
They wouldnít lie, would they, nor could this be a mistake?
Unfortunately, doctors have rules and regulations in this affair,
Theyíre forbidden by law to help much, despite the pain and despair.

So youíre on your own at birth and at the end of your life,
That is if you made it to your birth without much strife,
Because abortion clinics are legal here and there, everywhere,
We kill the unborn but euthanasia a different affair.

The issue of assisted suicide is always well hidden,
Doctors canít be legally involved because this is all forbidden,
The matter of your painful death cannot be discussed,
Politicians will not listen and look at you with disgust.

So letís change the law and make euthanasia legal,
Charter case to the Supreme Court so it wonít be illegal,
And then we can exit this world on our own schedule and time,
No waiting around in awful pain as you slowly decline.

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