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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Euthanasia and abortions

Euthanasia and abortions


James Bredin

It seems we’re compelled to wait for death no matter when or where,
Not allowed to interfere or change the schedule and they don’t care,
Euthanasia is still banned, though we can kill fetuses by the score,
Decisions made by compliant Supreme Court in feminist role.

Have we arrived where life is not alive and murder not a crime?
Can we now claim that a fetus is not living at this time?
Furious fetus holocaust that could put Hitler to shame,
But no euthanasia because we obey and no one’s to blame.

If you see the irony in this, it brings forth the question,
Why not binding referendums to make more than a suggestion?
So In our democracy we can really influence events,
And not follow obediently like in a herd still living in tents.

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