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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Environmental Stuff

Environmental Stuff


James Bredin

The environmental evangelists all came to town,
They had a messianic message and they donít just fool around,
Their government funded foundations have prominent web sites,
Expounding their worthy causes of what they declare is right.

Global warming, climate change, caused by all our pollution,
Believe them and donate to them because they have the solution,
They want maximum public hysteria while the going is good,
Their religion of climate change should be obeyed and understood.

These dogmatic environmental inquisitors on the prowl,
Screaming their new religious faith as they shriek and howl,
They want us to buy Kyoto carbon credits from Third World places,
Weíll feel better about all this when we see their happy faces.

We have to avert the consequences or we could go to hell,
Floods, plagues, pestilence, epidemics will be ours, they all yell,
Environmental induced sickness may eventually kill us all,
Smog and fog may clog all summer days on into the fall.

They have the charts, surveys and the figures to show all this,
You cannot avoid the oncoming consequences and dismiss,
The Arctic is going to melt soon and itís all our fault,
The end of the earth may result in a few years by default.

It will definitely arrive before the Leafs win the Stanley Cup,
Or when the UN comes up with one answer or decides to give up,
Unfortunately most people believe and behave just like sheep,
They would follow any leader like they were walking in their sleep.

The devil is in the details of this global warming affair,
Climate change is cyclical and we should be aware,
It happened before despite their statistic laden agenda,
Take it with a grain of salt, all their oddball propaganda.

The threat of climate change is completely overblown,
Will we eventually figure this out all on our own?
Or will we all go to hell in a basket for being so dumb?
Believing their eco religion with the beat of their drum.

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