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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Elitist Political Appointees

Elitist Political Appointees


James Bredin

Elitist political appointees of the chattering class,
Judges will not let the security certificates pass,
Free the suspected detained terrorists and let them all walk,
Judgesí take on Trudeauís Charter as they wink and they talk.

And they canít be voted out because theyíre there till seventy five,
No referendums, no recall and you canít show that youíre alive,
As we are led like lemmings towards their left-wing destination,
Pay attention as they have power and donít need admiration.

Certain ladies wanted equality so you canít be a cynic,
And these feminists got rights to an abortion clinic,
As the birthrate declined and decreased but they couldnít care less,
Send out for more immigrants in that burka strange dress.

Politicians give everything to maintain social harmony,
Donít dare show your hurt feelings or any acrimony,
Invasion by immigration and political compromise,
Charter multiculturalism on your knees and apologize.

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