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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Early Holy Christian Church

Early Holy Christian Church


James Bredin

You canít ask; did they fiddle with the early Christian books?
Lost in conspiratorial history if those books were cooked,
Missing gospels of Mary Magdalene, Thomas, Philip and more,
Plus, the early authorities allowed us to read only four.

Thatís Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, they said, was all we could read,
The mighty Roman Empire looked and frowned and everyone agreed,
So they denounced the Gnostics as Christian heretics; so what?
Didnít fit in their one-religion ambitious power plot.

Then they spoon fed us their edited editions of the books?
Emperor Constantine and his bishops and this is how it looks,
Those Gnostic types were all put to death for their callous heresy,
Not obedient to authority so they showed no courtesy.

What hidden Gnostic knowledge have we been forbidden to read?
Is it things that were not mentioned in the Apostles Creed?
Maybe about the ossuaries and we canít change a thing,
As we read court cases of celibate pedophile priests on a fling.

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