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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Democracy is just a word

Democracy is just a word


James Bredin

We are no more than a TV audience, who clap and laugh on cue,
Apathetic reaction to their laugh track while changes are overdue,
Canít have binding referendums or political recall because,
They refuse, delay and stall and say itís not part of our laws.

They fast track along their tax and spend hidden agenda,
Where secrets and publication bans are accepted propaganda,
Where secretive traveling politicians avoid common sense,
We are taught to accept their extravagance as capital expense.

The daily pictures in the papers are a mighty strange sign,
Eight soldiers carrying a coffin while others salute in a line,
Public opinion being directed about some far-away war,
Something is strange here that we should not just try to ignore.

Iím not sure what we are fighting about and neither are you,
You are not allowed to think that maybe things are askew,
And eventually weíll pull out because itís in the cards,
The history of that place is invaders who leave and disregard.

Our problem is ourselves while we are looking in the mirror,
Our obligation to change the system doesnít get any clearer,
Why not political recall and binding referendums now?
We have no control over our future and they just wonít allow.

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