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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Comatose Religion

Comatose Religion


James Bredin

Is the church comatose or just asleep; to allow these creeps?
Pedophile celibate priests by the hundreds they seem to keep,
While the faithful are all admonished to keep the faith,
None of this is allowed to be discussed in open debate.

Mary Magdalene was a hooker until nineteen sixty nine,
Until the pope decided that story was not quite genuine,
And now the scholars have found she might have been Jesusí wife,
And all this ossuary knowledge is just now coming to life.

But the church claims that this knowledge is definitely not true,
Jesus never had a wife or son so this stuff is all askew,
And those missing Gnostic gospels are just another lie,
They donít exist, keep the faith, donít ask why and look up at the sky.

Did you hear about the fourteen pedophile priests in jail?
And at least another fourteen looking and trying to make bail,
And you didnít even know this stuff and no one told you so,
Information hidden and you better kowtow.

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