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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Change the Canadian elitist system

Change the Canadian elitist system


James Bredin

Consensus on reform is not permitted, promoted or allowed,
Politicians think our system is perfect and they are so proud,
Young Canadian criminals are called youthful offenders,
And their names canít be published by these political defenders.

Canít have binding referendums or recall or stuff like that,
Canít fire a judge even if he/she is a complete ding bat,
Appointees to the Senate or Supreme Court canít be elected,
They will do whatís expected - thatís why they were selected.

And those who are appointed or elected refuse to find fault,
Questions about changing the system are considered an assault,
Where parolees and those who make bail get free legal assistance,
Because of our soft-on-crime left-wing socialist persistence.

Indeed they may decide to let all criminals walk free,
Itís the police who are at fault so you better get down on one knee,
They want more government assistance and programs for the needy,
And if you donít agree, you are obviously elitist and seedy.

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