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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian soft-on-crime scene

Canadian soft-on-crime scene


James Bredin

The soft-on-crime judiciary political appointees,
Allow criminal gang guys to walk as if they were trustees,
And the criminal smiled as he left the court room on bail,
Enroute to get his handgun and free from going to jail.

A mentally ill judicial system prone to left-wing demands,
Will allow all ghetto dudes to walk on the slightest command,
Politically correct as they just go through the motions,
And we the people, mere observers, can’t show any emotions.

In Paris they would have a noisy riot for this type of scene,
We get one-way information from their filtered TV screen,
After all, we’re so multicultural or didn’t you know?
That means criminals can walk thanks to the Charter by Trudeau.

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