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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act

Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act


James Bredin

Guns, drugs, gangs, and an attitude of entitlement abound,
The Youth Criminal Justice Act they thought was so profound,
How much crime does it take, to see the handwriting on the wall?
How many lenient decisions before we all have to crawl?

None of the accused criminals can be identified and more,
Neither can the relative who is screaming outside the door,
This is called justice in our strange politically-correct times,
The Youth Criminal Justice Act for youths who do their crimes.

Their names cannot be published and no one really knows why,
Criminals canít be embarrassed or they might scream out and cry,
Or are these the symptoms of a country going down the drain?
Criminals always seem to get bail in this vast left-wing campaign.

Our soft-on-crime judge appointees are a complete disgrace,
But few left-wing media outlets will report or get on their case,
Where apathy is rampant and the public behave like sheep,
Where people are kept in the dark about youthful criminal creep.

Our goody-two-shoe politicians have again just raised their pay,
And we the people are allowed to have nothing to say,
We should have citizen initiated referenda on all this,
Get control of politicians, judges and crooks like the Swiss.

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