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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Supreme Court Decisions

Canadian Supreme Court Decisions


James Bredin

Government security certificates are now out the door,
They are what the Supreme Court political appointees abhor,
And maybe those alleged terrorists wouldnít hurt a fly,
As they smile in freedom from the front page and I do know why.

These alleged activist terror suspects cannot be kept in jail,
They will have to be charged with something, set free or given bail,
Every left-wing UN activist came out of the woods and cheered,
Some of them jumped up and down and others even jeered.

The judges read it in the tealeaves of Trudeauís Charter that day,
That Charter written for "EVERYONE" in the world, come what may,
Those left-wing political appointees who like to dress up in red,
Their decisions are law whether right, left or loose in the head.

More worried about individual rights than the country as a whole,
Secrecy could violate the rights of terrorists we were told,
And come what may, we have to obey because they seem to rule,
Weíre like kids in school and itís so cruel and donít be a fool.

Itís obvious the system has gone out from the peopleís control,
Democracy only in name and Supreme Court on a roll,
No referendums, no recall and politicians canít change,
Leave everything so that the Supreme Court will arrange.

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