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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Indians

Canadian Indians


James Bredin

The aboriginal Indians have had it rough, true enough.
Lost language, lost culture and all that other Indian stuff,
But politicians have always bent over backwards for them,
By being politically correct so no one could condemn.

So now the Indians have the government over a barrel?
Could our closed-down highways and railroads put us in peril?
Will these daily traffic blockades knock us off our guilt trip?
Claiming history short-changed them so Ottawa should flip.

Then the Indians claimed Toronto Island and maybe more,
They shut down the ferry while our gutless politicians snored,
Could this soon lead to displacing people from their homes?
No leadership, no guts, no houses and no island aerodrome.

And then they went up and closed down the main highway four o one,
Do-nothing politicians said it was peaceful so nothing was done,
Then they closed down the Toronto- Montreal railroad Via Rail,
And all this for their Indian day of action, this huge blockade.

They want to raise awareness of their so called native distress,
They want more welfare, money and lots more land they donít possess,
This despite the billions of dollars in aid they get each year,
Itís not pampered Indians but pompous politicians I fear.

At what point can we fix up all this Indian stuff?
Is the billions plus free university education not enough?
Or are we forever lost in an Ottawa bureaucratic haze?
Will this go on forever or is this just another phase?

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