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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Canadian Charter and Ben Laden

Canadian Charter and Ben Laden


James Bredin

They say Osama Ben Laden is coming to Canada soon,
Maybe by tomorrow or for prayers next Friday afternoon,
He heard that security certificates might all be forbidden,
And all these high class terrorist might soon be forgiven?

The politically appointed Supreme Court made this decision,
They voted and vetoed unanimously with great precision,
And you canít criticize them because they are holier than thou,
They dress up in red and their words are law so now take a bow.

This is the same crowd that said the abortion clinics were okay,
Therefore the free-choice feminists could all go out and play,
Soft on crime as they read anything they liked into the Charter,
Decide this or that or maybe open prison gates just for a starter.

As we the people just have to obey because of their might,
These appointees canít be questioned or elected because theyíre right,
No referendums, no recall and the people have to obey,
Thatís why Osama might be coming over to Canada to stay.

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