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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Bring on global warming soon

Bring on global warming soon


James Bredin

They keep preaching and warning us about global warming,
New numbers, figures, surveys and charts every morning,
It sounds like it might be here by at least next Thursday week,
The sky might fall in the meantime and things could indeed get bleak.

Pompous TV prophets say this is going to happen for sure,
Have your credit card ready and send away for their brochure,
Make a big donation to their foundation and their cause,
Because if you donít; itís coming to get you, just like in Jaws.

New religion of Kyoto has arrived like apocalypse now,
Climate change is coming to a place near you soon somehow,
And you better join up or maybe repent or change your ways,
Youíre not allowed to escape this righteous new religious craze.

But they muddy the waters as they continue to torment,
Hide the fact that climate change is a slow ongoing event,
They wave their arms and they scream as they try to cast a spell,
They going to ride their celebrity status all the way to hell.

This natural cycle that has all these scientists worked up,
Places that make smoke might have to eventually closeup,
If we close down these factories, it might interfere with trade,
Thatís where many people work and thatís where they get paid.

But those facts seem to have evaded these religious nuts,
Some of them highly educated but still behave like a klutz,
I think that climate change could be great so bring it on,
Iíve had enough digging snow and wish it was all gone.

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