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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Abortions by the dozens

Abortions by the dozens


James Bredin

Canadian abortions are now a symbol of womenís rights,
And all those female appointees to the Supreme Court delights,
Itís just a matter of an unwanted unborn babyís life,
Feminists show their fanatical side with a doctorís knife.

Call the baby a pregnancy tissue and thatís all it takes,
Itís all politically correct; therefore there are no mistakes,
Unborn-baby holocaust not unlike what the Nazis did,
Officially sanctioned and the outcome is just one dead kid.

People trained to accept this baby holocaust as womenís rights,
Vast feminist conspiracy propaganda at its heights,
A graphic illustration of how easily the public can be led,
Down the bloody path of baby abortion death and dread.

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