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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Abortion fetus holocaust

Abortion fetus holocaust


James Bredin

The unholy fetus holocaust abortions go on and on,
We seem to placidly accept these killings with a sleepy yawn,
The righteous activist feminist ladies all insist,
That this killing of unborn babies ls legal, so they persist.

These activists, politicians and the High Court judges agree,
That this is moral conduct and not godless debauchery,
Therefore everyone should be happy with our holocaust,
No change is legislation needed and no righteous outburst.

I envy those who have that faith and don’t need to debate,
No conscience needed when killing babies in their state of grace,
Hitler and Stalin would both understand this holocaust stuff,
The type of conduct they both loved interestingly enough.

We will eventually be told somewhere down the line,
That our numbers are decreasing and have been for some time,
We’ve been replaced by incoming pious immigrants they say,
Muslims who stay away from abortion clinics by the way.

Without recall or referendums, we’re stuck in this agenda,
Helpless to influence events or political propaganda,
So the fetus abortion holocaust will continue for sure,
A quick way for ladies of fashion to stay slim and endure.

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