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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - When women got freedom of choice

When women got freedom of choice


James Bredin

Canadian women eventually got their freedom of choice,
Charter rights they declared as the went out to rejoice,
Family planning, abortions, the pill and only one legal wife,
That and a micro family they said was a hell of a good life.

The babies they couldn’t be bothered with, have now arrived,
Though those left at the abortion clinic may haunt us, none survived,
We depended on immigration to replace aborted babies,
Got bearded Islamic men with four burka wearing ladies,

The newcomer immigrants are enroute to the mosque to pray,
In a strange silent religious dramatic demographic display.
They’re not interested in women’s rights or the abortion clinic,
Women wear black burkas and chadors and this is no gimmick.

Religious diversity and multicultural programs galore,
Are Ottawa pompous policies as politicians implore,
But new arrivals are not attracted to integration,
They’re more interested in self Islamic segregation,

Absolutely no one can stop the incoming Islamic tide,
They have Charter Rights too and are along for the long ride,
We’re caught in political correctness with mosques in the sky,
You don’t remember prohibition when everything was dry.

No referendums, recall or rights to property for us,
That’s not in Trudeau’s Charter so pompously pretentious,
Our abortion clinics changed our political trend,
Dead babies and multiculturalism was such a great blend.

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