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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - What's in our future?

What's in our future?


James Bredin

When Muslims become a majority, should women change?
Will those terrible tattoos be allowed or rearranged,
Will it be black burka masks for them, down to the ground?
Up to four wives per man; how does that sound?

When and if Sharia law replaces our civil law,
Activist feminists might feel that thereís a flaw,
Itís called democracy which tends to work on numbers,
By then weíll be a minority because weíll be outnumbered.

Because four wives with four babies each, can change a lot,
By then our Bigamy laws will be almost long forgot,
And I donít think the imams will go for that same-sex stuff,
And ayatollah might say, "Enough is enough."

So women who are able should go home and have a baby,
Those with or without husbands and do it soon maybe,
And increase the population before itís too late,
Canít compete with four wives though and there is no debate.

I think Iíll miss Christmas though and that might be gone,
You probably donít believe me as you have another yawn,
Turkey, where Mary lived and Egypt were once Christian places,
History tends to repeat itself right in our faces.

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