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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - We need to Discuss

We need to Discuss


James Bredin

Without binding referendums we are in their hands,
Politicians in Ottawa raucous rock and roll band,
We are merely numbers, thousands of miles away,
As they manipulate the system and decide to stay.

A majority without recall can do what they like,
They have years until an election so taxes they can hike,
One scandal after another down through the years,
Through adscam and Shawinigate without any fears.

Their appointees entrenched in all the high places,
Find a reason not to process any corruption cases,
All their appointees claim to be intelligent and on the ball,
But none, absolutely none, allow referendums or recall.

The old Liberal Party seems to have fallen on hard times,
Could it be the adscam or the Shawinigate crimes?
Chretien of course said he would cancel Mulroney’s GST,
He lied of course like all Liberals, it was plain to see.

They say there’s nothing wrong with the system but they lie,
Entrenched politicians wink and look up at the sky,
They’re in there like god in heaven or the devil in hell,
No referendums or recall and they think they’re swell.

And now Stephen Harper, get us out of this mess,
We need referendums and recall to ensure our success,
Change Trudeau’s Charter and make it just for us,
Not "EVERYONE" in the world claiming rights to discuss.

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