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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - War torn places in Africa

War torn places in Africa


James Bredin

It seems they have the occasional blood bath over there,
Religion, political turmoil, tribal faction when they dare,
Rwanda type genocide with maybe a million or more dead,
Where nothing makes sense and half the population has fled.

It seems to be an annual event that no one can fix,
Add in an aids plague and famine where the AK47s click,
Insert some oil wells, despot dictators with their agenda,
Then add in left-wing newspapers with UN propaganda.

Some want our peacekeeping soldiers there but some others don’t,
No one seems to know which group of oddballs is in the forefront,
But we might pretend that we’re like missionaries of old,
With a message about democracy that needs to be told.

Everything would be peaceful and no need for guns or threats,
Our pompous politicians at the UN, could all cool their jets,
If you believe this poem, you are more a goat than a mouse,
Being led like a flock of sheep to another UN slaughter house.

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