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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - War and Peacekeeping

War and Peacekeeping


James Bredin

Young guys will go to war for not much of a cause,
Really for the adventure and maybe just because,
The past is chockablock full with this type of history,
Point out the enemy and the place and thereís no mystery.

Particularly if the war is far away somewhere over there,
Different nationality, language, religion or prayer,
With help from the UN, NATO or some international group,
More than justified, if they lend us one or two of their troops.

We have to stop the bad guys from doing what they do,
Teach them a lesson with our guns, weapons and crew,
Our politicians can then all stand up and shout,
Weíre the good guys and we know what itís all about.

And when the dead guys return, politicians give a speech,
Like a preacher, priest or minister, completely out of reach,
These so-called peacekeeping soldiers should not be dead,
But they were killed by a suicide bomber over there instead.

Could we ask these ambitious politicians to cool their jets?
Adapt to peaceful means without wars or threats,
And donít call them UN peacekeepers because thatís a lie,
Soldiers make war and get killed for no good reason why.

But now they want us in Somalia, Rwanda or Chad,
Because left-wing UN African activists are all so sad,
And if we canít stop the fighting or aids, we bring them here,
Call them UN aids refugees while politicians look sincere.

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