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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - War and Peace

War and Peace


James Bredin

Thereís no need to justify a UN war; it just has to be done,
Thereís no need to think about this because weíve already won,
The number of dead doesnít count because then we pull out,
And maybe, just maybe, weíll never know what it was about.

Itís the economy, stupid; honest politicians might say,
Sometimes we win; sometimes we loose and then we just move away,
Through the UN we can justify a war any place, win or loose,
And at the UN, there is no disgrace and no need for an excuse.

And no one dare question the motives of the United Nations,
No questions please because this is international relations,
Not even Saddamís oil-for-food scandal can be investigated,
Delay and wait and discuss while all UN wars are debated.

No transparency please as they talk and talk and then they delay,
Cover by calling soldiers peacekeepers in an area thatís gray,
No one, no matter how really rotten can get a UN suspension,
Dictators of the world get front and center UN attention.

They just call it a collective failure somewhere over there,
Failed state probably terrorist so everyone should beware,
Crimes against humanity too so the UN should take action,
Send in some of the peace keepers and get some satisfaction.

Iíve come to the conclusion that the UN should just butt out,
Donít get involved in their internal struggles even if thereís a doubt,
Donít send them money; it goes straight to a Swiss bank account,
And those accounts are secret no matter what the amount.

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