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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - War, Canada, AIDS and HIV

War, Canada, AIDS and HIV


James Bredin

Apparently we donít mind a war so long as itís far away,
A plague we donít mine either and aids refugees can stay,
Because we believe weíre immune to this contagious disease,
Weíre politically correct and weíll do anything to please.

The UN and some politicians want us in Africa soon,
Preferably by early next week or Thursday afternoon,
If we pull out of Afghanistan, itís Darfur or Chad,
Itís somewhere in Africa - we donít know - but weíre quite mad.

The UN has our schedule written up and posted on a wall,
And we, the Canadian people, have no sovereignty at all,
Our politicians prefer secrecy to cover their tracks,
Open government is anathema as they spend and they tax.

No recall, no referendums, no access to information,
More refugees with aids making more refugee applications,
They have Charter Rights while we check if we have their HIV,
Aids is not a nice way to die and Iím sure youíll agree.

There was a rumor once that a refugee got deported,
But that was all it was - no name, no place, was ever reported,
Everything is done in this cloak and bureaucrat style,
No questions, no answers and bureaucrats donít smile.

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