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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Vagrants, panhandlers, addicts and war

Vagrants, panhandlers, addicts and war


James Bredin

There was a time when vagrants and addicts were jailed,
And psychiatric patients hospitalized or seldom bailed,
When Canadians could walk the streets and not be disturbed,
By homeless panhandlers who now keep people perturbed.

It seems as though political correctness has ran amok,
The result of Trudeau/Chretien Charter and weíre stuck,
With terrorists and criminal refugees all claiming rights,
We were meekly managed by their left-wing media might.

Oh, they say, we have democracy, and isnít that great?
Wait five years for an election and maybe have a debate,
Because without recall or referendums we are floating logs,
Or sheep in a large flock being herded by Ottawa blogs.

As they send the good guys to Afghanistan for UN wars,
Or maybe Rwanda or the Congo and its up yours,
Whatís this about change, and whose side are you on?
Weíre all with the UN together in Afghanistan.

And donít you dare ask questions about whose authority,
Not the soft-on-crime appointees of adscam minority?
So it might help, if we had recall or referendums,
Could the Charter be just for Canadians in an addendum?

Itís the complete lack of Canadian values I detest,
We just go to daily funerals and we wouldnít dare protest,
The good army guys are getting slaughtered over there,
But here, itís addicts and the panhandlers that we care.

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