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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Unborn babies we never knew

Unborn babies we never knew


James Bredin

The kick-back from freedom-of-choice will come back to haunt,
Shrink to minority in minus birth rate - not what you want,
Left-wing wants us to fight in Africa to save babies there,
Maybe bring a million back here and announce that we care.

But we donít care for our own unborn because they can be killed,
Formally, officially, clinically and the government billed,
Theyíd like us in Somalia too but they donít know which side,
While thousands of our unborn babies murdered today and died.

But none of our babies had a name - those murdered today,
No need for Christian position and youíre not allowed to pray,
You canít dare see a problem here, being politically correct,
Donít dare show any feelings, especially dour disrespect.

The abortion clinics are in nice buildings so clean and bright,
Receptionist welcomes the girls but completely out of sight,
Is it doctors do the killing despite their Hippocratic Oath?
Are they therefore responsible for our zero population growth?

Problem solved by immigrant guys who read the Koran,
From far away places like Afghanistan and Azerbaijan,
Pious guys with three or four wives who all wear a chador,
And all of them love to go to the mosque and have babies galore.

No reforms, referendums, recall or Charter change,
Propaganda in newspapers and donít think of this as strange,
Save live babies over there but not unborn babies here,
"EVERYONE" has Charter Rights so we have nothing to fear.

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