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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN aid to Africa and aids to Canada

UN aid to Africa and aids to Canada


James Bredin

Is deepest darkest Africa our next Afghanistan?
Does the UN have this written down in an agenda plan?
Is their activist foreign-aid drumbeat extremely loud?
Should we thank the UN for this and feel exceptionally proud?

Get rid of the guilt feeling because of the starving over there,
That we see nightly on TV, so we could prove that we care,
But could we stop the spread of aids there so it will disappear?
Maybe give them all refugee papers and bring them over here.

To join the others with aids that stayed after the UN aids seminar,
Hundreds and we couldnít ask if we had maybe gone too far,
In the mistaken belief that this plague cannot spread here,
Not in Canada they say but a million in Africa, they fear.

Developing nations they are called - not aids plagued or poor,
And weíre deep into self indulgence and want to assure,
All those at the UN that we are definitely one of them,
And no matter what they say or do, we would never condemn.

Though they discovered UN donations seldom gets to where itís sent,
Still they pompously declare that no one at the UN is bent,
Saddamís oil-for-food scandal was a lie and never occurred,
Lost and forgotten in the shredder and now no longer heard.

But without recall or referendums, itís all very vague,
Though Canadians may now be on site to catch the aids plague?
Complements of the UN and their activists so loud,
Aids plague folk canít be deported but still we feel so proud.

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