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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN Canadian Wars

UN Canadian Wars


James Bredin

Why do we feel compelled to go overseas to do good?
As missionaries or UN peacekeepers -- all misunderstood,
Trying to battle religious warlords, hunger and disease,
When they donít want us and shoot us dead and never say please.

Why should we be involved in their constant religious wars?
Disguised as peacekeeping soldiers on foreign far distant shores,
While politicians refuse to see the writing on the wall,
Caught up in their own power and importance and all enthralled.

I have a respectful suggestion; we take our soldiers home,
Give them some shiny medals and tell them, no more need to roam,
No need to be carried dead in a casket by eight of their friends,
No need to be buried in their hometown just to follow the trends.

And if the UN says they need help, why should we feel compelled?
Going off to get shot, friendly fired on, bombed and even shelled,
And we should decide to cut back on far-flung UN foreign aid,
Why should we be so subservient and then get UN betrayed?

They want to go to Africa now and help the poor people there,
Bring back orphans and aids refugees that are in despair,
All international Kyoto communist disguised agenda,
Goody-two-shoe socialist and pompous propaganda.

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