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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto down the tubes

Toronto down the tubes


James Bredin

The homeless are complaining about being left out in the cold,
Not enough programs or projects or places for them to go,
Transitional housing, drop-ins and 22 places are not enough,
Want more welfare soon or they say they might get rough.

As the panhandlers and street people demand even more,
They say it’s pretty rough out there sleeping in a door,
Constant crackheads need a safe place to do their drugs,
And no more jail time just because they’re criminals and thugs.

As they demand their many rights to beg and to bother,
People going or coming from work or even a city father,
Heroin addicts are communities, that have conditions,
And they like those left-wing socialist city politicians.

Who are you to tell them, go home or go get a job?
They have rights and you are probably some right-wing slob,
Because their politicians will do exactly as they say,
You better catch the subway quick and go far far away.

And the feds better get in on this because it’s their game too,
Call off the cops and no more trying to move or subdue,
These people have Charter Rights just like the AIDS refugees,
They’ll all have to get together with Toronto City trustees.

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