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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Modern Missionaries

The Modern Missionaries


James Bredin

They constantly praise each other up and down all over the place,
Goody-two-shoe left wing political socialists in your face,
Saving Africans from themselves, famine, AIDS and genocide,
And the UN is there, pumping up pompous imitation pride.

Because they have a religious fervor, they never tire,
Media missionaries with pious propaganda background choir,
Full of socialist slogans as though coming straight from god,
Flood the nation with their notions as they ride roughshod.

Call them refugees; get them out of Africa and bring them here,
Multiculturalism in the Trudeauís Charter and we should cheer,
Because theyíre doing so much good; at least thatís what they claim,
And those who donít agree with them should hang their head in shame.

A society of sheep will get the government they deserve,
That plus lost $billions paid in aid from the Federal Reserve,
To help those on some far away foreign mission over there,
Ends up in a warlordís Swiss bank account out of public glare.

Ottawa wonít legalize pot or prostitution because itís a sin,
Those poor fifty dead hookers in Vancouver didnít win,
But the activists are too busy in Africa to care,
No referendums, no recall they say and nothing to repair.

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