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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Biased Media

The Biased Media


James Bredin

They analysed the media to see if they were biased or not,
Because of leading twisted news that ties us in a knot,
As they continue to deny what we’ve all known for years,
And they keep telling us what they and the UN want us to hear.

The CBC has an agenda to ensure things stay where the are,
Vast expensive bureaucracy more than slightly bizarre,
And each newspaper has its own favourite hidden plan,
Crime, SSM, justice, war, propaganda for the common man.

And despite all this, we seem lacking in real leadership,
The media and papers don’t mind if they have readership,
Multi cultural, multi lingual multi this and all that,
Lost somewhere out there in Afghanistan in mortal combat.

Caskets by the score arriving every night and day,
Dead soldiers returning home from that deadly UN fray,
As they all seem to duck the question: why did they die?
Without binding referendums we may never know why.

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