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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Abortion Clinics

The Abortion Clinics


James Bredin

A country with only a few babies is going no where fast,
With abortion clinics here and there unlike in years long past,
Fooling around with nature at taxpayers expense,
Eventually weíll get what we deserve with no pretence.

Abortion clinics kill thousands of babies before they arrive,
Fearful fetus numbers hidden and no new born babies alive,
Canadian Auschwitz death camps on an industrial scale,
Donít ask and donít tell whether the fetus was female or male.

While the activists feminists are pompously pleased as punch,
As they discuss these social stigmas over a quiet brunch,
Aging population replaced by incoming immigrant tribes,
Amid the call from the mosque minarets, four wives and scribes.

But the silent scream of dead babies has never been heard,
And its all legal since our Supreme Court gave their word,
And those life-time appointees canít do anything wrong,
Not since Chretien and Trudeau wrote their Charter song.

No need for a guilty conscience because itís all antiseptic,
Unfashionable to be pregnant and no need to be a skeptic,
So eventually weíll all face Mecca as we kneel down to prayers,
Ironic about population changes with no little baby chairs.

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