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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Some Sure Sharia Stuff

Some Sure Sharia Stuff


James Bredin

Sharia law and polygamy might soon be imposed,
Some social-engineering Canadians will then be exposed,
But everything will be changed because of their high numbers,
No referendums allowed in a democracy of blunders.

So Sharia-law types have increased day and night,
Maternity wards and Airports on all the incoming flights,
And those with no papers just call themselves refugees,
They’ve read Trudeau’s Charter and "Everyone" agrees.

Many more men now would like bigamy and polygamy,
Four obedient wives in burkas more improved than monogamy,
Some of us have known and had concerns for a very long time,
But we’re so politically correct we refused to see the sign.

And those who want to stop this or appease, are looking at extortion,
Too late, too late because of their population explosion,
We don’t have referendums or recall like the Swiss,
We’ll have peace and good government in this Sharia abyss.

Seventeen terrorists already arrested is not small,
That too, half forgotten, like the proverbial writing on the wall,
Maybe when Sharia law comes they’ll straighten it all out,
Those righteously politically correct never have a doubt.

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