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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Single Mothers

Single Mothers


James Bredin

The unwed mothers of the world arrive by the plane load,
Claim refugee Charter Rights and welfare and do what theyíre told,
Are countries that encourage refugees and unwed mothers doomed?
Addicted to programs of entitlement as people are groomed.

Women who make half brothers with different fathersí names,
And half sisters - for distant future single-mother games,
In the ghetto where they live the culture of welfare for life,
Where no one ever goes to work and it all seems quite right.

Fatherless boys who eventually tend to clog the courts,
Politically correct canít be mentioned in newspaper reports,
All on legal aid as numbers increase and ghettos enlarge,
Places of gangs, guns, drugs, death, and so few are charged.

Trudeauís Charter written for "EVERYONE" on earth it seems,
Terrorists, criminals, despots with drug dealing refugee schemes,
And unwed mothers of the world who canít do anything wrong,
As they make a second generation who scream that they belong.

They can disguise anything and everything under human rights,
Claiming discrimination and bigotry every day and night,
Public hearings will resume at Queenís Park very soon,
The Ontario Human Rights commission at first opportune.

Direct access to their tribunals is a political joke,
Socialist Liberal politicians hidden behind the smoke,
Bureaucratic backlog that could stretch for miles and maybe years,
Canít change the Charter or the system so no political fears.

Should these single mothers be told they need a husband man?
Is this too difficult for our politically-correct brains to scan?
And if they canít find a man, their welfare payments should drop,
We canít afford single mothers of the world in our welfare shop.

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