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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Sharia political correctness

Sharia political correctness


James Bredin

As the polls suggest, we have radical changes on the way,
Quixotic social-engineering experiments gone astray,
By politically correct misguided appeaser politicians,
They did it without referendums, recall or permissions.

Because home grown terrorism has already occurred,
Seventeen charged in Toronto but maybe you haven’t heard,
Those who try to appease are looking at political extortion,
Sharia law is a must in population proportion.

Multiculturalism might turn us into a minority,
A small hidden group with absolutely no authority,
Huddled together still thinking we rule and are grand,
Trained not to think or riot or even take a stand.

We might whisper nostalgically about the good old days,
Before we were outnumbered in the Sharia law phase,
As incoming immigrants claimed refugee Charter rights,
We were so politically correct, no one turned on the lights.

Pompously proud, and educated with a good economy,
Though never thought much about enforced polygamy,
Their Sharia law numbers increased and everyone was pleased,
We hardly noticed as we were slowly Sharia-law squeezed.

How did we allow ourselves to be so completely subdued?
Politically correct philosophy says no one can be screwed,
But their numbers at the ballot box slowly changed all that,
Though we’re still over in Afghanistan in mortal combat.

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