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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Sharia Law Here

Sharia Law Here


James Bredin

The terrorist refugee canít be deported back for fear,
That he might be tortured or mistreated so heíll stay here,
His lawyers and judges are all Charter Rights machines,
They call it a security certificate case, whatever that means.

So now it appears all terrorists and their families can stay,
Come to soft-in-the-head Canada and no need to go away,
And their hundreds of children can go to religious schools,
Will we eventually learn the hard way that we might be the fools?

In time, there may be more of them than there are of us,
And their numerous MPs in parliament could all cause a fuss,
They might want Sharia laws imposed and that could be tough,
The black burkas to the ground for feminists could have it rough.

And for the crime of theft, a thief you could loose one hand,
Adulterous wives could be stoned to death on command of an imam,
These political changes might eventually cause some hurt,
If weak politically correct activists turn into converts.

Am I the only one who canít read the writing on the wall?
What does it say, in a strange backward leaning scrawl?
Is this what happens when our rock-hard system canít be changed?
And binding referendums or recall we refuse to arrange.

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