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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Saddam



James Bredin

I think the case against Saddam has gone on long enough,
How much evidence do they need amid all that courtroom stuff?
The longer this case goes on, the more futile it appears,
When will it be a tourist attraction with all those souvenirs?

When and if they release Saddam, heíll be looking for a job,
He could join the UN, Washington, Ottawa or Toronto mob,
We need some leadership in Toronto and he knows the score,
And City Hall committee meetings would never be a bore.

We have too many wishy washy politicians hanging around,
We need a dictator with balls and guts who is not a clown,
At Toronto Airport he could declare that heís a refugee,
With Charter Rights and we all have to bow our heads and agree.

Saddam would tell them where to go and us what we need to know,
About panhandlers, beggars, and homeless who put on a show,
And hanging around and sleeping in doors will just have to stop,
Itís go home, get a job and no more sleeping, begging or flip flop.

And criminals who try to strut their stuff would go straight to jail,
Due process and lots of convictions would prevail with no bail,
And everything would run neatly and the trains would run on time,
Like the old days before we had no politically correct slime.

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