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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Results of Trudeau#s Charter

Results of Trudeau#s Charter


James Bredin

Immigrants locked in self isolation ghetto enclave,
Might stay shielded in their culture till they go to their graves,
Encouraged by multicultural policies in Trudeauís Charter,
No need to question these policies or try to be smarter.

Because Trudeau wrote the Charter from the Ottawa heights,
With no political recall, referendums or property rights,
And Supreme Court appointees will decide whatís right or wrong,
Lifetime political appointees know whose side they are on.

And nothing in their left-wing Charter is up for debate,
Life-and-death decisions that you are not allowed to berate,
Itís whatever they read in the tealeaves of the Charter that day,
Itís often an extremely strange left-wing judicial display.

Integration of immigrants is not high on political lists,
They are busy on various junkets and may have missed,
American melting pot policies, they claim, would not work here,
Because we have Trudeauís Charter and therefore nothing to fear.

These ghettos impede integration into greater society,
Add to that, some ghettos become noted for notoriety,
But being politically correct, no one can point a finger,
And you wouldnít want to stand around there or linger.

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