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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Regional Wars

Regional Wars


James Bredin

The UN wants us in Darfur, Somalia, Sudan or Chad,
When we pull out of Afghanistan because thatís so sad,
New UN humanitarian crisis of global proportions,
Genocide, Blackhawk down, murder, death and extortions.

These regional wars here and there, everywhere including Haitian,
UN screams that itís all an unacceptable situation,
We are part of their machine being sent here and there,
To help their despot special friends and be a major player.

But why should Canada be involved in the Gaza Strip?
Or Rwanda, Chad, Somalia, seen nightly on news clips,
Or Darfur, Congo into Sharia law, war and aids,
Places of continuous conflict, guns, grenades and plagues.

Does it matter who wins their various ongoing civil wars?
Which religion, despot dictator or the Africa Corps,
As politicians point fingers and religious fanatics pray,
Thereís no light at the end of the tunnel but we have to pay.

Why not let the phone ring and just pretend that weíre busy?
Declare our independence and let them go off in a tizzy,
It doesnít matter who wins or loses those wars over there,
We should tell the UN, Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair.

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