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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Referendum on Kandahar

Referendum on Kandahar


James Bredin

Have things come off the handle over in Kandahar?
Shooting an Afghanistan policemen is going a bit far,
Is this peacekeeping, warfare, riots, revolution or what?
Or is this the reaction to the caskets coming home a lot?

Anarchy, democracy, theocracy or does it matter?
Throw in some suicide bombers and bodies go splatter,
They don’t wear uniforms so the enemy is concealed,
This must be peacekeeping because there is no battlefield.

The National Investigative Service is there they said,
To inquire about how the policeman ended up dead,
How many suicide bombers does it take to kill ten men?
Will the answer change if the question is asked again and again?

As the body count soars and the UN couldn’t care less,
They’re busy in Africa and Lebanon and have stress,
No one found Osama because he’s busy playing god,
And our soldiers are supposed to pussyfoot and not act roughshod.

With twenty eight dead and still counting no doubt,
At what point do we quit Afghanistan and pull out?
Should we even bother to tell the UN about this?
Does the UN care or realize that something is amiss?

They’re going to have a rotation to give them a break,
That is the guys who have survived so far for god’s sake,
And new guys coming in should wear two flak jackets,
Or they too might be coming home in casket packets.

And Canadians stand around as though in a daze,
What are we fighting for in this peacekeeping phase?
And how can we keep the peace with rockets pouring in?
There’s that culture gap, language gap and you cannot even grin.

Will someone please come up with an answer that makes sense?
And not CBC political gobbledygook sitting on a fence,
Could we ask those Liberal guys who seem in such confusion?
About a national referendum to help in this illusion.

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