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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Quit the UN now

Quit the UN now


James Bredin

Lets stand on our own feet and resign from the UN now,
Mostly tyrant despot dictators which strange UN rules allow,
Itís costing too much money, not counting their foreign aid,
Canada should pull out tomorrow and forget this masquerade.

And our pompous politicians will have to stay at home,
Isnít that just too bad because they like so much to roam,
And Saddamís oil for food scandal has all but disappeared,
They want to hang him now, not because he interfered.

As our media feeds us constant left-wing UN propaganda,
To keep us on their right left track and their UN agenda,
They want us in Africa to stop aids and genocide there,
We can still stay in Afghanistan though, on a wing and a prayer.

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